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eGov Strategies has more than 20 years of experience in e-government software - online payment processing, website management tools, mobile design strategies, interactive services and customer support.

Our focus is on saving our customers time and money, while providing the tools (mobile, social media, publishing, etc.) to engage constituents, enhance transparency and foster economic development.

The Digital Government Platform that we use to deploy all our solutions enables clients to dream big dreams for how they want to improve their government processes through web-based technologies. And because our approach is not to customize - but to expand upon the capabilities of our platform - we reduce time and keep costs in check.

Enterprise Payments

A targeted solution for utility bills, property taxes, licenses, and fees, this secure, PCI-compliant system enables customers to access and pay their bill online, view account history and more. Save staff time by reducing in-person and hard-copy transactions, while improving collection efforts.

Website Design & Mgmt.

Our easy front-end editing and industry-leading government-based Content Management System provides your users the ease of use and control that they need to manage government website content. Leading tools for email and SMS notifications and managing service requests complement our solution to provide a one-stop shop for your e-government solutions.

Digital Gov't Platform

Can your website and payment solutions do this? Likely, that answer is a no. With the eGov Manager Digital Government Platform - we can architect your vision for e-government quickly and and save money in custom development. The platform can be configured easily to reduce time in involved with one-off integrations and customizations.

Enterprise Payment Portal

The Enterprise Payment Portal enables clients to create a centralized portal for paying for government services online. Create payment items for parking passes, parking tickets, taxes, simple licenses and permits and utility payments. Key advantages include:

  • Easily create payment items
  • Associate bills to user accounts
  • Consolidate reporting and reconciliation
  • A single CRM for all payers
Learn more about how the Enterprise Payment Portal solutions can generate additional revenue for your organization. Use this online form to request a demo or more information.

eGov Strategies LLC Awarded Two Large Contracts

Indianapolis-based eGov Strategies has announced the award and implementation of two large contracts to process tax payments through the company's Enterprise Payment portal.

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eGov Solutions in Action

Agile at the Local Level: New York Town Tries a New Approach with Tax Software

eGov Strategies took an agile approach to to implementing the Town of Hempstead New York's tax collection system to more efficiently implement software as a service.

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